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1. Inspection Performed on Sewer Using Our State-of-the-art Camera
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2. The Sewer is Cleared of Roots and Debris Using Hydro-Jetting
3. A New Sewer Pipe is Inserted and Connected to the Lateral

Our Trenchless Services


Trenchless pipelining is the process in which we repair broken or damaged pipes without having to dig a trench. This method minimizes the disruption and destruction of your lawn or yard while also providing a cost-effective repair solution. We use top-quality equipment to assess the damage before replacing or clearing the sewer pipe in question. Contact us today to learn more!

CIPP Lining

CIPP Lining (Cured-in-Place-Pipe Lining) is a trenchless method of refurbishing your sewer pipes. Repair your sewer lines with our high-quality CIPP products that will reinforce your pipes for long-lasting results. Save time and money with our cutting-edge trenchless services at Affordable Drain & Pipeline Services!

At Affordable Drain & Pipeline Services, we provide professional trenchless plumbing services to help repair and replace your damaged sewer lines. Contact us today at 858-689-4000!

At Affordable Drain & Pipeline Services, we provide a wide range of trenchless pipeline services to help repair your sewer pipes. Our dependable and affordable services repair your sewer lines without the headache of a large-scale mess. Partner with our highly experienced team of plumbing experts to repair and replace your sewer lines with our superior trenchless services. Contact us today to learn more and to request a free quote!

Blue Pipeline — San Diego, CA — Affordable Drain Service, Inc.

Spray & Spin Coating System

At Affordable Drain & Pipeline Services, we use the latest technology to restore and repair your damaged sewer lines! We provide  Spray & Spin Coating System Services to re-pipe and clean your existing sewer pipes. We guide the tool through your pipes to effectively reline and repair the damage with a high-quality camera. Choose our seamless spray and spin coating system in lieu of busting the original pipe.

Pipeline — San Diego, CA — Affordable Drain Service, Inc.

Pipe Bursting

Avoid damaging excavation with our trenchless pipe bursting method to repair your plumbing lines. Our Affordable Drain & Pipeline Services team will create two minor holes in your yard to replace the current sewer line by pulling the new one through the old, causing the old pipe to burst. Contact us today to request your free trenchless pipe bursting estimate!

Blue Pipeline — San Diego, CA — Affordable Drain Service, Inc.

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