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Smoke Testing Service

San Diego Smoke Testing

If you are having unusual smells and odors in your home, business, apartments or commercial facilities, this process can be very effective in resolving sewer lines smells.

Smoke testing is used to determine any compromise to your sewer lines, vents, fittings, wax rings and other areas.

Smoke Testing — San Diego, CA — Affordable Drain Service, Inc.

This is a simple process by which we inject a heavy smoke into the sewer line. A skilled technician will then track down the source of the leak as the odors and smoke will travel and escape from the leaking area. You can have a smell on one side of your home and the source maybe on the other side of the home.

Odors and smells can occur from fittings or vents that have come lose, degraded over time or have become damaged. Toilet wax rings become old and hard and can sometimes lose their seal and may need to be replaced.

Smoke Testing — San Diego, CA — Affordable Drain Service, Inc.

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